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Published: 21st January 2010
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Famous for being the planet's largest grower of aloe vera plants, Forever Living is an international multilevel marketing company that has been in existence for 25 years. Well, apart from being the planet's biggest grower of aloe vera, they are the world's largest bee keeper as well, since they also market natural-based products from the bee hive. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and from reading a number of Forever Living reviews online, I found out that the company continues to have a large and loyal base of followers in the US and overseas.

Pioneers In Marketing High-quality Aloe Vera Products
Formed in 1978 by Rex Maughn and Karl Jensen, the company is best known for marketing aloe vera-based products, ranging from nutritional supplements to cosmetics and skin care items. Their acquisition of Aloe vera of America in the 1980's gave them a lot of headway in marketing and promoting their products. Apart from marketing aloe and bee hive-based products, the company has expanded its product range and now offers an assortment of herbal supplements, as well as air and water filtration systems. 

How Distributors earn Their Profits?
In the company's business opportunity plan, distributors are mainly part-time agents who sell the products in person, or online. These independent distributors get their commissions from their personal sales, as well as from the products sold by their recruits, or downlines, which they've brought into the company. Those who wish to earn considerable income need to devote a large amount of time and effort in recruiting a sizable number of distributors. 

On its official web site, the company gives three reasons on why you should be a distributor. First, this allows you to start your own home-based business. Second, it allows you to sponsor friends, family, co-workers or business associates, and get commissions if they sell or buy the products. Fourth, as an independent distributor, you'll be able to buy the company's products at a hefty discount, and then sell them for a 40 or 50 percent profit.

Apart From Profits, Distributors Get Juicy Bonuses
Aside from earning from your personal sales and the commissions from the sales of your recruits, you can also avail of what is called a 'group volume bonus', which will depend on the number of people who sign up under your organization or team, as your sponsor or recruit. 

This means that the more individuals you recruit, and the higher their sales volumes, the more bonuses and commissions shall you get. This goes to show that the earning potentials are truly high, and it will all depend on how you entice prospects, as well as on how you motivate them to increase sales.

Based on reading the other Forever Living reviews on the internet, the company now has over four million distributors located in 44 countries. Their product offerings have expanded from just marketing aloe vera and bee hive products, and now range from daily care, skin care and cosmetics, health and nutrition, and even animal health and care products. The company's marketing plan has been tried and tested, and is sure to offer success to those who faithfully follow the business philosophy.

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